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WPU1550A Technical specifications

WPU 1550A / WPU 1550Aw

Operating data 

Operating weight without water tank 102 kg
Operating weight with water tank 105 kg
Centrifugal force  15 kN
Base plate size (W x L) 500 x 586 mm
Operating width  500 mm
Frequency  98 Hz
Advance travel max. (depending on soil and environmental factors) 29 m/min
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil and environmental factors) 870 m²/h

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  Air-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Honda
Engine / Motor  GX 160
Displacement  163 cm³
Engine performance max. (DIN ISO 3046) 3.6 kW
at rpm  3,600 rpm
Fuel consumption  1.8 l/h
Tank capacity (fuel) 3.7 l
Power transmission  From drive motor via automatic centrifugal belt drive direct to exciter.
Fuel type  Gasoline

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