Exposed Concrete Kit

Comprehensive equipment for the compaction

Comprehensive equipment for the compaction: Extremely practical, everything in one box

The exposed concrete kit contains everything you need for the compaction of high-quality exposed concrete surfaces: a frequency converter, external vibrators and fastening clamps. The entire contents are housed on a steel pallet in a sturdy wooden box. Contents: 1 electronic frequency converter FUE-M/S 75A with 6 sockets, 2 group switches and potentiometer (speed regulation 0 - 200 Hz), 6 exposed concrete external vibrators AR26/6/042 3.5kN including 10 meter connecting cable and plug, 6 fastening clamps SV53 for frame and beam-type formwork, 1 wooden box on a steel pallet

External vibrator AR26 in use on construction site

Small, compact and light

  • The compact and lightweight construction of the housing make the external vibrator quick and easy to mount.
Illustration Wacker Neuson RPM-stable motors

Asynchronous motor with stable speed

  • Due to the stable speed and powerful electric motor, the machine delivers reliable performance under continuous use.
External vibrator AR26 studio image from front

Sturdy design

  • The vibration-proof and sturdy design ensures a high level of reliability and safety as well as a long service life.

More Features

Illustration Wacker Neuson running time unlimited

Maintenance free

  • The external vibrator is equipped with lifetime lubricated bearings and is completely maintenance-free.

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