Hand-guided screed  P35A

Hand-guided screed P35A: Meets the needs of any operator

The vibratory screed can meet the requirements of many applications. The drive unit can be used with a variety of screed profiles. The drive unit is designed to be adaptable to the ergonomic requirements of any operator. With its unique dual handle system, this device is fully height and angle adjustable for maximum operator comfort and reduced fatigue. The frame geometry and damper system are designed for low hand-arm vibration (HAV). The foldable handle and frame are collapsible for compact transport and storage.

Illustration low hand-arm vibrations (HAV)

Vibration damping system

  • Maximizes operator comfort and reduces fatigue.
  • Vibration is efficiently transmitted into the concrete for optimal compaction.
  • Reduces hand-arm vibration (HAV) to below critical levels.
Vibratory screed P35A studio image

Adjustable centrifugal force

  • Multiple weight settings allow the force to be adjusted to suit the application.
  • Adjusting the centrifugal force to the concrete mix can improve the concrete surface.
  • Improved concrete consolidation.

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