Telehandler 3007

Telehandler 3007: Sturdy and efficient in every detail.

The Kramer telehandler 3007 is a compact all-round talent – its low overall height, small turning radius combined with a lift height of 7.0 m and 3.0 t of payload provide outstanding versatility. A variable drive system and cleverly designed access for routine maintenance ensure easy day to day operation. The ergonomic and functional cab ensures stress-free working. The different working modes of the Smart Handling overload system also provide the highest degree of safety and comfort.

Kramer telehandlers have 360° all-round visibility.

360° visibility

  • Excellent 360° visibility thanks to large glass panels and narrow cab pillars
  • Panoramic front windshield for an optimal view of the attachment
Telehandler 3007

Color-coded toggle switch for hydraulic, electric, driving and safety functions.

  • Quick operator familiarization when switching drivers
  • Increased safety, as the risk of mistakenly confusing switches is minimized
  • Cross-model operating concept for easy fleet management
Optimum accessibility to all important components in the engine compartment

Easy maintenance access

  • Easy access to the engine compartment thanks to the wide-opening engine hood
  • Optimal accessibility of all important components for checking fill levels
  • Quick implementation of service work due to upright-mounted filters and additional maintenance openings
Operation and setting of the machine parameters simple and intuitive via the jog dial

7-inch LCD display showing all important operating data and machine settings. Operation is via the jog dial control.

  • Relevant machine data summarized at a glance on the display
  • Operation and setting of machine parameters simple and intuitive via the jog dial
  • Jog dial operation possible while driving
Relief for the driver through semi-automated movement of the loading system

Smart Handling

  • Relief for the driver through partially automated movement of the loading system
  • Increased safety, as the overturning of the vehicle in the longitudinal direction is avoided
  • Increase in efficiency as a result of setting the machine to the relevant working conditions

More Features

Improved all-round visibility for the driver due to the elevated cab.

Two selectable cabin heights

  • Improved all-round visibility for the driver due to the elevated cab
  • Low cab variant for applications with limited clearance heights
The pedals in the footwell are not mounted on the ground.

Hängende Pedale

  • Einfache Reinigung des Kabinenbodens durch Freiraum unterhalb der Pedale
  • Erhöhter Bedienkomfort durch ergonomische Anordnung der Pedale
  • Einteilige, entnehmbare Fußmatte erleichtert die Reinigung
Steering column can be adjusted in inclination and usually also in height.

Adjustable steering column

  • Einstellung einer ergonomisch günstigen Position für jeden Fahrzeugführer
  • Mehr Platz zum Ein- und Aussteigen durch Wegklappen des Lenkrads
Less strain due to the automatic activation of the load stabiliser at high speeds

Load stabilizer with three operating modes

  • Load stabilizer automatically activated at high speeds to reduce wear and tear
  • Automatic deactivation at low speeds for precise control of the loading system
  • Relieving the operator with the automatic function
Comfortable feeling of space due to wide glass surfaces

Panoramic glazing

  • Optimum visibility over the entire stroke range
  • Pleasant feeling of space due to generous glass surfaces
The suspended pedals with the combined brake-inch pedal allow for precise manoeuvring, even at high engine speed.

Kombiniertes Brems-Inch-Pedal

  • Einfache und sichere Bedienung durch kombiniertes Brems-Inch-Pedal
  • Verschleißfreie Regelung der Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit auch bei hoher Motordrehzahl
  • Maximale Arbeitshydraulik auch bei niedriger Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit
Convenient pressure relief due to optimally placed button on the loading unit

  • Einfaches und schnelles Ankoppeln und Abkoppeln von Anbaugeräten mit hydraulischen Zusatzfunktionen bei laufendem Motor
  • Bequeme Durchführung der Druckentlastung durch optimal platzierten Taster an der Ladeanlage
  • Zeitersparnis beim Wechsel von hydraulisch betätigten Anbaugeräten
The central lubricating system ensures regular relubrication of all lubrication points.

Automatische Zentralschmieranlage

  • Höhere Lebenserwartung und Werterhalt der Maschine durch automatische Schmierung aller Schmierpunkte
  • Zeit- und Kostenersparnis durch geringen und gebündelten Wartungsaufwand der Zentralschmieranlage
  • Optimale Schmierung durch einstellbare Zeitintervalle und Fettmengen

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