Heavy (> 600 kg)

Vibratory plate DPU110in action

Heavy-weight reversible vibratory plates > 600 kg: Uncompromising performance with high operating comfort

The heavyweight reversible vibratory plates offer an uncompromisingly strong compaction performance with compact dimensions and a high level of operating comfort. Therefore, they are the compaction machine of choice for demanding compaction work such as road construction. The water-cooled engine provides reliable high performance. Many functional details based on the most modern technologies ensure efficiency on the job and make daily maintenance easier. The product range consists of high-performance, heavy-duty vibratory plates with centrifugal forces ranging from 80 to 130 kilonewtons.

Vertical clearance vibratory 830 mm vibratory plate DPU110

Compact dimensions, high performance

  • The machine is highly productive with the compact dimensions providing efficiency and comfortable operation.
  • The low machine height allows operation under lateral struts in trench shoring.
  • The machine’s compact dimensions make transport easier.
Robust steel frame of the heavy vibratory plates

Sturdy and durable

  • The vibratory plate is made of heavy-duty, wear resistant materials. Due to this, it achieves a long service life. For example, the base plate is made of nodular cast iron (GJS700).
  • Even after a longer operating time, the vibratory plate reaches a high resale value. Investment in this machine is thus very economical.
Reversible vibratory plate DPU5545 studio image heigth adjustable center pole

Center pole

  • The height-adjustable center pole can be easily positioned to the size of the respective operator.
  • The sturdy, self-engaging center pole lock offers a very fast and reliable safeguard for transport. The locking mechanism can be easily released using the foot pedal
  • The machine's height can be reduced by quickly lowering the center pole making it easier to pass under obstructions. Afterward, the center pole can be returned directly to the previous operator position.
Reversible vibratory plate DPU3050H studio image control handle

Intuitive guide bar with continuously adjustable speed.

  • A change of direction is possible with a high degree of comfort just by moving the handle. This way, the operator can keep working with both hands, without pressing additional buttons or cranking of handles.
  • The speed is infinitely adjustable.
Remote-controlled vibratory plate DPU110r studio image engine cormpartment with tank and air cleaner

Large tank, high capacity air filter

  • Because of the large fuel tank, one tank is easily enough for a full 8-hour day. This means time and effort refilling are avoided during the workday.
  • The high capacity of the air filter ensures long maintenance intervals. This saves time and expense.

More Features

Illustration economic efficiency zero emission

Cost-optimized repair concept

  • The multi-piece concept, consisting of a two-piece hood, protective frame and side panels, enables individual parts to be replaced very affordably if damaged.
Two-piece, swiveling hood vibratory plate DPU110 studio image

Excellent maintenance access due to the two-part swiveling hood.

  • The machine’s protective hood has two parts. This makes it easier to open and offers generous tool-free access to all important maintenance points.
Engine reversible vibratory plate DPU110 studio image

Water-cooled engine

  • The water-cooled engine offers reliable cooling even at high external temperatures.
  • The machine sound level is significantly lower than that of air-cooled engines in the same class.

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