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8180 - Kramer wheel loader with maximum performance

Kramer wheel loader 8180 - Despite its size, it is very manoeuvrable and responsive
The high quality of the materials used make this machine extra heavy-duty on the one hand and very comfortable on the other. The spacious cabin is equipped with ergonomically arranged operator's controls. The machine’s performance efficiency also leaves nothing to be desired. The 115 kW Deutz engine provides a lot of power.
  • The connectable 100% differential lock in the front and rear axle provides outstanding traction on muddy surfaces.
  • This model is very simple to operate thanks to the hydrostatic drive
  • The ecospeedPRO optionally provides 40 km/h. The integrated Smart Driving automatically regulates the rpm here
  • The standard air-conditioning system also ensures you can work comfortably, even in extreme temperatures
  • The rear-view camera is already integrated into the 7” LCD display
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